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TICOR Agricultural Products
Lakin Agricultural Products TICOR mower conditioner rollers

Agricultural Products

TICOR parts are ideal for Agricultural Applications requiring a tough and durable rubber material.

Lakin General Ticor die-cut products are used in a wide variety of agricultural equipment and implements including combines, mower conditioners, spreaders and flail spreaders

Working in conjunction with your engineers, Lakin can help you design parts to meet your exact specifications and dimensional requirements. Ticor parts can quite often replace parts made from belting, rubber or plastic at a fraction of the cost.

Specialized rollers using Ticor discs do not require expensive molds or vulcanizing equipment and have a proven track record for use in mower conditioners and balers.

The Ticor material is extremely durable and well suited to absorb vibration, transmit torque, and withstand cyclical flexing. It has proven to be ideal for use as

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